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Art |

Behind the Seams

A local fashion designer is reaping the benefits of what she has sewn.

Gabrielle Yumul
People |

Olympic Airs

Snowboarders Lori Glazier and Derek Heidt talk about their emotional roller-coaster ride in Nagano.

Meghan Reid
Food |

The Story of Tea

The Chinese have extolled its nutritional and therapeutic effects for centuries. Now, Westerners are learning how tea enhances comfort and health.

Elisa Fung
Food |

Hosting 2000 with Style

Party like Bill Gates with expert advice from überhostess Pat Rekert and caterer extraordinaire Lesley Stowe.

Stephanie M. Morris
Culture |

Hockey Night in Japan

The NHL scores big on Japanese ice with the first-ever regular season games played outside of North America.

Charles Macurdy
Culture |

Loyal to Country

A museum opens to honour Chinese Canadian veterans who fought for social acceptance.

Christine Fairburn
Culture |

The Art of Strategy

After more than 2,000 years, Sun-Tzu’s The Art of War may be the most influential book on resolving conflicts in the business world today.

Brent Evans-Campbell
Environment |

B.C. Lumber Building Japan

When the eastern U.S. market dried up for the province’s forest industry, B.C.’s wood producers found a market farther east: the Far East.

Michael Colombara
People |

Of Posts and Beams

The Island School of Building Arts teaches how to build houses using modular posts and beams and recycled materials.

Lynn O'Rourke
Environment |

More Than Skin-Deep

Reptiles as curios, food, pets, and aphrodisiacs. No wonder the black market reptile trade is third only to weapons and drugs.

Ronnie Fuentes