Masthead 2005

Masthead 2005

Print Edition


Executive Editor: Warren A. Mailey
Managing Editor: Philip C. Breakenridge
Senior Editor: Alison Pengelly
Fact Sheet Editor and Designer: Jollean Wingrave
Copy Editor: Gregory Kero


Art Director: Kate Coulson
Associate Art Director: Janet Baxter
Designers/Production Artists: Brian Baxter, Meilynn Datayan, Anne Price, Steve Quilala, Julia Ronmark
Illustrators: Brian Baxter, Mailynn Datayan, Steve Quilala


Production Director: Anne Price
Associate Production Director: Gregory Kero
Quark Electronic Assembly Specialist: Cindy Peters
Scanner Operator: Tara Kimberly Torme


Promotions Director: Rickie-Jocelyne Sanhu
Assistant Promotions Director: Sarah Munro


Ad Traffic Manager: Sherise Lacey
Assistant Ad Traffic Manager: Richard Peel
Ad Designers: Gregory Kero, Richard Peel, Cindy Peters, Steve Quilala, Julia Ronmark, Jollean Wingrave

Online Edition


Website Design: Anne Price

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