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Featured Work

This week’s featured work comes from our Editorial team: Breanne Rogers, Lindsay Vermeulen, and Chris Baxter. As you’ll see, their skill set reaches far beyond the realm of editing. From short stories to intricately photoshopped images and unique illustrations, these editors have some very active imaginations! Enjoy viewing and reading more about their work.

Breanne Rogers: Short Story Excerpt

Breanne Rogers ExcerptWhat about this piece stands out for you?

The style of this story is a bit out of the norm in terms of the narration. The goal was for it to be almost stream-of-consciousness in an attempt to really capture the mind of a child, and how it sometimes jumps around or connects one thing to something seemingly unrelated in a way that as adults we tend be a bit bemused by. This style is something that I find either really pulls a story together or completely derails the entire thing, and in this case I think it adds to the story and the growing sense of panic that the narrator, and hopefully by extension the reader, is feeling.

Did you encounter any challenges when creating this piece?

It was very difficult for me to try to delve into the mind of an abused child. It was not only hard to imagine, but it was also a very emotional experience. Writing doesn’t usually exhaust me; that’s not my style. But in this case when the story was done I felt pretty drained. It was a very bizarre experience.

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Lindsay Vermeulen: Photoshop Collage


What about this piece stands out for you?

It was such a joy to have a picture in my imagination and turn it into something real. I wanted to illustrate a scene from Hamlet on the pages of the play, so it looked as though the text was coming to life. Combined, the elements seem old and otherworldly, but in reality they are here and now: the book belongs to my grandpa, “Ophelia” is my sister (I owe her a favour) and the riverbanks are in Vancouver’s VanDusen Gardens.

Did you encounter any challenges when creating this piece?

I shot the photos myself, so I encountered a few challenges in that regard: I spent a long time hunting through thrift shops for a suitable dress, convincing staff at local pools to let me take photos during their public swim, and searching for willow trees that hadn’t lost their leaves in winter.

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Chris Baxter: Digital Illustration


What about this piece stands out for you?

I like this work because I was able (in my mind) to create a work that somewhat resembles work done by my inspiration (The Group of Seven). It has been a long time since I have made any art so I used a sketch that I made many years ago as the template for the piece.

Did you encounter any challenges when creating this piece?

The whole thing was tricky because it was the first time I had used a computer program to create art.