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Featured Work

Langara Publishing students have some serious talent, so each week we’ll be featuring student work here on the blog. Each of us will chose one of our favourite pieces, and provide some details as to why it stands out for us. This week, we’re featuring’s Promotions team: Darinka Aguirre, Vianney Cabrera, and Michelle Peters.

Michelle Peters: Book Design

"Chou" Book Cover by Michelle Peters

What about this piece stands out for you?

I love the colour – bright, vibrant, and energetic – just like me. I find that my best work usually reflects my personality. This piece was also created using my own photographs; I love it when I can use my own content in designs, it’s so satisfying. Lastly, I love the cheekiness of this project. If I can make anyone want to eat cabbage for 365 days, I’ve done my job.

Did you encounter any challenges when creating this piece?

The back cover was a little tricky; the textured photograph I used as a background image made the text difficult to read, so I had to do some finessing in that area. That was the major obstacle.

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Vianney Cabrera: Magazine Cover Design

Vianney Cabrera Magazine Cover Design

 What about this piece stands out for you?

I loved learning about the work that goes behind a magazine’s cover. Creating a concept, staging the photo shoot, and working with a photographer were great learning experiences. I love that I even had the opportunity to put my baking skills to the test, and then play with colours, typefaces, and layout in InDesign for the final product.

Did you encounter any challenges when creating this piece?

I had a very specific idea of how I wanted the image to look, but there were many things that I did not take into consideration that the photographer pointed out, like lighting and angles. Therefore, I had to be more open minded and see what other angles could work better and it worked out perfectly in the end.

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Darinka Aguirre: Magazine Cover Design

Bon Gout magazine cover Darinka Aguirre

What about this piece stands out for you?

Food. I love food. This piece came together as a concept for the Spring 2015 issue of Bon Goût magazine. The whole composition had to be geared towards an audience who enjoys gourmet food. I decided to go for Thai food, which is rich in texture, colour, shape, and flavour. My duties were designing the cover, selecting eye-catching typefaces for the cover lines, directing the photo shoot, and styling the food. The latter went surprisingly well. I even think I might have a gift for food styling, given my close relationship with food.

Did you encounter any challenges when creating this piece?

It was a challenging project in terms of art direction; I had to make sure my idea was clear enough for the photographer to execute. Typography is also something I love, but at times it can be challenging, especially when overlapping a few words on a busy background.

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Photography by Sasha MacBain.