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diagram of posture

How To Not Bork Your Posture (AKA. Desk Ergonomics 101)


Prior to enrolling in the Publishing program, I spent a number of years as a Registered Kinesiologist working in exercise rehabilitation. I often saw clients with desk jobs complaining of neck, back, shoulder and wrist pain in part due to a poor work station set up. Fast forward a few years, a couple of desk jobs and one year of intensive computer work in this program, and I too started to feel the early stages of some of these issues.

The computer is an inescapable necessity in any present day designer’s toolbox and jobs often require long, focused hours of work to be carried out. It is then essential that we counter these effects with intentional movement and postural adjustments if we want to avoid problems down the road.

Here is Part One of a series on how to stay healthy at your desk. Enjoy!