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Meet the Team: Media Production


What have we been up to since the release of Pacific Rim Magazine 2017?

It’s been a busy road for the publishing students since returning from break. After an awesome time at this year’s launch party, (special thanks to the Beaumont Studios, last term’s promotions team, and Langara publishing program’s head, Darren Bernaerdt) the students enjoyed a well-deserved break from classes. After returning, students were thrown back into the condensed workload of the program, this time in the form of learning web design.

Since then, the class has split into departments in order to produce this year’s online edition of Pacific Rim Magazine. From now until mid-August, the publishing students will work hard to ensure the production of another beautiful website with equally beautiful design and interesting content for readers to enjoy. This is the home stretch for the students, as they have reached their final term and are about ready to graduate.

That being said, it is time to introduce you to the departments. Let’s begin with the Media Producers!


Media Team: An Interview



Now that we are nearing the end of the program, what has been your favourite part?

Maisey: I came into this program with some knowledge of the software already, but I wasn’t really sure if I was capable of producing professional work. Learning about the industry standards and the design workflow was the most valuable to me. I was also given the opportunity to go to events, visit a printing press and figure out how to network – which are all very unique experiences.

Burhan: Learning all the Adobe CC programs and being able to bring life to my ideas has been great. The industry tours were really interesting too.

Rony: Now that I’m nearing the end of the program I can look back and say that my favourite part has been working on the print magazine and working as part of a team to create something from the beginning to the end.

Marianna: My favourite part of this program has been every late night inside of the production room after completing an assignment. There is nothing like that feeling of finally getting your assignment done, after it felt so difficult to do it! I love our little hub that is the production room. I love sitting there and getting to know everyone, knowing that they were just as tired, overworked, and stressed as I felt at the time, and just as determined to get things done regardless!


What are your post grad plans?

Maisey: I’d like to find a job at a design firm, if I can! I’d like to continue being a part of a tight-knit team working to make the best out of projects.

Burhan: My post grad plans are to find a job in advertising design or communications, and to potentially take a UX/UI course.

Rony: My post grad plans are to find a job hopefully in writing or in communications.

Marianna: My post grad plans are to find a job in communications. Until then, I will be designing as a freelancer for friends and acquaintances.


What were your career goals when entering the program and have they since changed?

Maisey: I came in the program with a graphic design focus in mind, and I figured I could also brush up with my writing skills. Now that I know a tiny bit more about editing, I might even consider managing my own blog, because I love video games so much. I mean, I’ve got WordPress skills, design skills and writing skills now! I might even get confident enough to dabble a bit in freelance gaming journalism!

Burhan: My goals have pretty much remained the same. I want to find a job in either design or communications However, I now realize how many jobs I am able to do because this program is really well rounded.

Rony: My career goals from when I entered the program to now that I’m about to finish it haven’t changed much. I still would like to find a job where I can work as a member of a team in a creative capacity. The biggest difference is that now I feel like I actually have the knowledge, tools, and skills to pursue my career goals and achieve them.

Marianna: I entered this program thinking I wanted to build a career in graphic design while at the same time brushing up on some writing skills, like Maisey said. I think this program has made me realize I am better suited for a career in communications and social media- somewhere interactive where I can put all of the skills I have learned to use. I plan on graphic-designing as a freelancer, too! I want to do that for as long as I can because I love the flexibility that comes with freelance work.


Do you have any advice for future publishing students?

Maisey: Really take advantage of all the opportunities the program offers! It’s really so much more than just a regular course, and it allows for a lot of hands-on experimentation. If I’m going to screw up, I’d rather do it here than out in the wild. And I totally have. I’ve screwed up a lot, and I’m glad for it.

Burhan: My advice would be to be prepared to have a lot of work thrown at you immediately. This program really is a 2 year program in 1 so treat it that way.

Rony: My advice for future publishing students would be to get as organized as possible from the very beginning. The program is intense and the workload is heavy- especially in the first term. Being organized and staying on top of assignments is helpful for keeping stress levels manageable.

Marianna: I think it’s important to go into this program prepared. Be VERY prepared.This is not going to be an easy year, but with the right mindset, it will be one of the best years of your life!


Thank you, Media Producers!


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