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More than Words and Photos


Over the last few weeks, our teams have been working away to bring you the new Langara PRM website. With the vision for the website set before us, how well have we been keeping to the aesthetics desired by our web design team? And what does it take to transfer content prepared for print and move it online? For one thing, our teams will tell you it’s more than just dropping in words and photos onto a site.

The stories we brought to you this year remain the same, but now they live on in cyberspace. Words are styled in html code to appear how they did in the magazine, but also to shrink and grow dynamically to fit your browser or media device. Images can now grow beyond the 8.125″ by 10.75″ Pacific Rim Magazine trim size page and their colour richness can be appreciated in a greater way. Hear from our editorial, graphics, and web design teams to hear how it’s going!


Langara Digital and Print Publishing Program