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Pacific Rim Magazine 2014 is going online!


The 2014 issue of Pacific Rim is printed, distributed, and in the hands of The Globe and Mail’s West Coast subscribers, but our beloved magazine has yet to undergo one more production process. After honing our design skills for print this past year, it’s time to move on. Over the next few weeks our team members are switching hats, stepping into new creative roles, and putting our magazine online!

When designing for print or web, it’s natural to abide by the principles that create effective visual communication. However, when you throw multiple viewing devices and browsing platforms into the web design mix, there are a few more things to consider. Reader usability and practicality are just as important as the visual aesthetics of beautiful web design. Websites that are responsive and work well on different devices and browsers are becoming the new norm, and creating a fresh web edition of PRM 2014 is the challenge before us.

This design dream-team trio has spent the last few weeks working to incorporate the best of our collective suggestions for the new website. Look out for the video featuring our website designers, coming soon!


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