PRM 2016 Back Cover: Covenant House

Street life is brutally dangerous for vulnerable youth. Since opening their doors in September 1997, Covenant House has been full every night. Homeless, lost and afraid, more than […]

Plastic Oceans Thrown a Lifeline

In PRM 2016’s thought-provoking story, “Plastic Oceans“, author Lindsay Risto reports on the global catastrophe plastic debris choking the world’s oceans. Risto explains that, “Plastic trash, in various […]

Happy Birthday, Little Buddy!

Recently, the Vancouver Aquarium had a very special “birthday” celebration that many thought unlikely. Chester, a false killer whale, was rescued July 10, 2014 from Chesterman Beach (Tofino). […]

Microplastic Mess

Increasingly, legislation worldwide is aimed at banning microbeads. Those are the tiny scrubbers that make your skin so soft. And your teeth feel so smooth. Microbeads appear in […]

Featured Work

Featured Work

This week’s featured work comes from two members of our QA team: Kumiko Aoki and Megan Towhey. Kumiko Aoki: Web Advertisement Designs What about this […]

The Web Designers

PRM Who’s Who: The Web Designers

White space! Kerning! Coffee! PRM’s Web Designers are the creative force behind the 2015 iteration of We love that they obsess over the most […]

Featured Work

Featured Work

This week we’re featuring work from our web design team: Kaitlyn Gendemann, Ally Kayler, and Dusty Yurkin. From layout design to book covers and greeting […]

Brendan Glyn-Jones

Alumni Interview: Brendan Glyn-Jones

Brendan Glyn-Jones graduated from the Publishing program in 2014, and it’s been a life-changing experience for him. We sat down with Brendan for a conversation […]

The Editors

PRM Who’s Who: The Editors

From copy editing to creating summaries and properly tagging stories, the Editorial team at Pacific Rim Magazine has been hard at work preparing files for […]

Featured Work

Featured Work

This week’s featured work comes from our Editorial team: Breanne Rogers, Lindsay Vermeulen, and Chris Baxter. As you’ll see, their skill set reaches far beyond the […]

Christine Reimer

Alumni Interview: Christine Reimer

Curious about the experiences of past students in the Publishing program,  our team has tracked down some willing alumni for a video interview series. Up […]

Featured Work

Featured Work

Langara Publishing students have some serious talent, so each week we’ll be featuring student work here on the blog. Each of us will chose one […]

Langara Publishing staff and students at 2015 launch party.

Welcome to PRM 2015

Each year, Langara Publishing students redesign the website for Pacific Rim Magazine. The 2015 build of is in the works, and our team has […]

Fin made of petals

Thank You!

With the Publishing program coming to a close, we’d like to thank everyone for following our progress over the last few weeks and checking out […]

wordpress designers

Purity of Code

For PRM’s web team, HTML coding was “a real eye-opener” that revealed a new world of communication similar to learning a new language.

More than Words and Photos

If you can’t get your hands on PRM’s print edition, you can find all our content online, which is now styled specifically to grow and shrink to fit your browser or media device, Listen in as our PRM teams discuss these developments.