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PRM Alumni: Michelle Peters

Michelle Peters is a 2015 Publishing graduate currently working as an Exhibit Coordinator at the Fraser River Discovery Centre. She uses the skills she acquired in the program daily at her job, and explains the beauty of how the benefits from this program can be tailored to your needs in the future. Thanks for sharing […]

PRM Alumni: Celina O’Connor

The Media Production team kept with the Alumni video series from previous years, conducting interviews with several Publishing Program alumni to see how the program helped them get to where they are today. To kick things off, meet Celina O’Connor, a 2016 Publishing graduate currently working at the West Vancouver Memorial Library as a Communications […]

Web Designers presentation

Hello Again!

We’re back! The publishing students are enjoying the summer tucked inside their designated computer lab, hard at work producing the online 2017 edition of Pacific Rim Magazine.


PRM Alumni: Christine Reimer

We are thrilled to share the second video in our Publishing alumni video series – showcasing careers made possible with a Langara College Publishing diploma. Christine Reimer graduated in 2014 and now works as a web designer/developer at Rezserve Technologies.

Lindsay Vermeulen

PRM Alumni: Lindsay Vermeulen

Lindsay Vermeulen is using the skills she gained in the Langara College Publishing program in her new job working as an editor for Quietly. She even gets to ride her sweet bike to work and have lunch on an amazing rooftop patio. Thanks so much for chatting with us, Lindsay!  

Nicola Humphrey

PRM Alumni: Nicola Humphrey

Nicola Humphrey is a 2011 graduate of the Langara College Publishing program. She recently welcomed us into her office at Heth PR, a boutique public relations agency where she works as the Managing Director.

PRM Alumni: Brendan Glyn-Jones

Brendan Glyn-Jones graduated from the Langara College Publishing program in 2014 and now works as a production artist at Petcurean Pet Nutrition. He recently spoke with us about his new job, as well as his experience as a Publishing student. Part of a series showcasing careers made possible with a Langara Publishing diploma.

Kumiko Aoki

PRM Alumni: Kumiko Aoki

The first interview in our series showing what you can do with a Langara Publishing Diploma is here! Kumiko Aoki graduated from the program in 2015 and now works as a graphic designer at Nutrabolics, a sports nutrition company. More alumni videos will be posted soon, here and on our Facebook page.

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PRM 2016 Back Cover: Covenant House

Street life is brutally dangerous for vulnerable youth. Since opening their doors in September 1997, Covenant House has been full every night. Homeless, lost and afraid, more than 1,400 street–involved youth arrive each year looking to find sanctuary and a brighter future. The majority of these street kids have experienced physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse, often at the hands of […]

Plastic Oceans Thrown a Lifeline

In PRM 2016’s thought-provoking story, “Plastic Oceans“, author Lindsay Risto reports on the global catastrophe plastic debris choking the world’s oceans. Risto explains that, “Plastic trash, in various forms, often finds its way to one of the five garbage patches in the world’s oceans—the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) being the most well known. Discovered in 1997, the […]

Happy Birthday, Little Buddy!

Recently, the Vancouver Aquarium had a very special “birthday” celebration that many thought unlikely. Chester, a false killer whale, was rescued July 10, 2014 from Chesterman Beach (Tofino).  With unerupted teeth, his age was estimated at one month, making June 10 his guesstimated “birthday”. But just surviving that first day was by no means guaranteed. Separated from his mother, […]

Microplastic Mess

Increasingly, legislation worldwide is aimed at banning microbeads. Those are the tiny scrubbers that make your skin so soft. And your teeth feel so smooth. Microbeads appear in products ranging from cosmetics to household cleaners – and ultimately end up in our waterways – resulting in an environmental toxic soup that continues to be in the news. And now in our drinking water. And […]

Featured Work

Featured Work

This week’s featured work comes from two members of our QA team: Kumiko Aoki and Megan Towhey. Kumiko Aoki: Web Advertisement Designs What about this piece stands out for you? I love the colours and typefaces I used for the ads. I feel like each ad suited the client’s brand image. I also enjoyed working […]

The Web Designers

PRM Who’s Who: The Web Designers

White space! Kerning! Coffee! PRM’s Web Designers are the creative force behind the 2015 iteration of We love that they obsess over the most miniscule measurements, lose sleep over typeface combinations, and spend hours choosing the best colours. If you like the look of this year’s website, you have this team to thank!

PRM at the VPL

Pacific Rim Magazine in the Vancouver Public Library

The PRM Promotions team has been doing its best over the course of this semester to make Pacific Rim Magazine more visible to our audience. All of our hard work has been paying off, and on Monday the offices of PRM received some great news: PRM will now be available at the Central and Mount […]

The QA and Graphics Teams

PRM Who’s Who: The QA and Graphics Relationship

Making sure our website is both beautiful and fully accessible, PRM’s Graphics and Quality Assurance teams both have challenging tasks. Despite being two separate teams, we’ve noticed that in many ways each team’s work complements the other’s. With the 2015 launch of just around the corner, here’s a look at what Graphics and QA […]

The Wordpress Designers

PRM Who’s Who: The WordPress Designers

PRM’s hardworking WordPress Designers have the most technical task of all of our teams: taking the design created by our Web Designers, and transforming it into a fully functioning website. Their task is not without its challenges, but somehow these guys manage to make it look easy.

Featured Work

Featured Work

This week we’re featuring work from our web design team: Kaitlyn Gendemann, Ally Kayler, and Dusty Yurkin. From layout design to book covers and greeting cards, this talented team has a variety of experience and skills. Stay tuned for their next creation: the redesign of! Kaitlyn Gendemann: Book Interior Design What about this piece […]

Brendan Glyn-Jones

Alumni Interview: Brendan Glyn-Jones

Brendan Glyn-Jones graduated from the Publishing program in 2014, and it’s been a life-changing experience for him. We sat down with Brendan for a conversation about life in the program, life post-graduation, and why going into publishing is one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

The Editors

PRM Who’s Who: The Editors

From copy editing to creating summaries and properly tagging stories, the Editorial team at Pacific Rim Magazine has been hard at work preparing files for the 2015 version of PRM’s website. Our team was curious: is it indeed possible to be that excited about proper spelling and grammar? Does their sometimes thankless job ever get tiring? […]

Featured Work

Featured Work

This week’s featured work comes from our Editorial team: Breanne Rogers, Lindsay Vermeulen, and Chris Baxter. As you’ll see, their skill set reaches far beyond the realm of editing. From short stories to intricately photoshopped images and unique illustrations, these editors have some very active imaginations! Enjoy viewing and reading more about their work. Breanne Rogers: Short […]

Christine Reimer

Alumni Interview: Christine Reimer

Curious about the experiences of past students in the Publishing program,  our team has tracked down some willing alumni for a video interview series. Up this week is Christine Reimer, a 2014 graduate with a passion for web design. Check out what Christine has to say about the Publishing program, her current job, and why […]

Featured Work

Featured Work

Langara Publishing students have some serious talent, so each week we’ll be featuring student work here on the blog. Each of us will chose one of our favourite pieces, and provide some details as to why it stands out for us. This week, we’re featuring’s Promotions team: Darinka Aguirre, Vianney Cabrera, and Michelle Peters. […]

Langara Publishing

What exactly are you studying?

Sometimes, explaining what we do in the publishing program can be a bit of a challenge. How many times have we heard, from friends and family with the best intentions, something along the lines of: “Publishing. Huh. Cool. What’s that?” In a nutshell, we are multifaceted creators. But instead of getting into an exhaustive explanation, […]