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Langara Publishing staff and students at 2015 launch party.

Welcome to PRM 2015

Each year, Langara Publishing students redesign the website for Pacific Rim Magazine. The 2015 build of is in the works, and our team has hit the ground running getting the site prepped for an early August launch. What can you look forward to on this year’s website? Here’s what we’re focusing on to make the […]

Fin made of petals

Thank You!

With the Publishing program coming to a close, we’d like to thank everyone for following our progress over the last few weeks and checking out our live site!

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Purity of Code

For PRM’s web team, HTML coding was “a real eye-opener” that revealed a new world of communication similar to learning a new language.

More than Words and Photos

If you can’t get your hands on PRM’s print edition, you can find all our content online, which is now styled specifically to grow and shrink to fit your browser or media device, Listen in as our PRM teams discuss these developments.

Promotions Department 2014

Two days before PRM’s 2014 print edition was in the hands of Globe and Mail subscribers, the promotions department decided to share the secret of their work in an exclusive interview.

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Mag Nation

With the broadening availability of magazines on a global scale, Mag Nation can help you make sense of it all.

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Illustrated Vancouver

See Vancouver portrayed in various ways by various artists at Illustrated Vancouver, where past and present Vancouver have never looked better.

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Writers Unite!

I remember writing one of those “What do you want to be when you grow up?” essays once. While my peers wrote about becoming nurses, teachers, and athletes, I wrote about becoming a writer one day. In my essay, I rambled on about my dream job. I’d live in a nice apartment in the city, […]

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PRM’s Social Media Extraodinaire, Simone, introduces herself with a little self Q & A for your reading pleasure.

How to build a website

Get to know the 2013 team behind the effort to get each PRM article since 1998 in shape for the web. The editorial team suggests cookies as a good aid to getting work done.