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Purity of Code


For some of us in this year’s publishing class, this program has been our first introduction to any form of html coding language. And while learning new languages opens anyone up to a new world of communication, the same can be said for coding. However with this language, gone are the nuances of intonation and the practice of verbal and aural interpretation. It’s been a real eye-opener and challenge to gain understanding and fluency in a language that uses mathematical logic to design. The visual desired outcome is not always immediate and viewing your work is in a secondary screen.

Taking on the task of coding an entire site that utilizes WordPress is a task for the brave. We’ve gone beyond the basics to look up and learn a few things on our own, and then work it out. Those that have stepped up to the plate to code our WordPress templates have done a tremendous job building and testing our site. Pages of coding can also get quite messy and needs to be readable for all team members. This is what our WordPress and code purity teams have to say about the process!


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