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It’s a Walt World After All

In the year of the dragon, the Mouse announces it will build Disney #5 in Hong Kong. Expected completion: the year of the rooster.

Hello Kitty, Goodbye Wallet

The pink mouthless cat is considered cute by some, baffling by others.


Vivid spots of newsy ink from around the Rim: Falun Gon exercises, Immersion students, and the Malaysian Multimedia Super Corridor.

Anime on the Horizon

Animators like Hayao Miyazaki produce sophisticated films for mature audiences.

Sculpting in Slow Motion

The Bonsai Way: midget trees aren’t born, they’re made.

Through the Looking Glass

The Vancouver Art Gallery presents the weird and strangely compelling.

Akira Kurosawa: Passing of the Emperor

The late Japanese film director’s name is obscure to some, but his movies inspired the likes of Spielberg, Scorsese, and Coppola.

Birth of a Genre

Asian Canadian authors write their way to recognition.

Behind the Seams

A local fashion designer is reaping the benefits of what she has sewn.

The Art of Strategy

After more than 2,000 years, Sun-Tzu’s The Art of War may be the most influential book on resolving conflicts in the business world today.

Of Posts and Beams

The Island School of Building Arts teaches how to build houses using modular posts and beams and recycled materials.

Art Beatus

An art gallery of cross-cultural exchange.

Speaking in Stones

A local artist explores the mysteries of Neolithic jade.

The Art of Pooh

Lessons in management from unlikely sources.

Getting a Reel Job

When will the curtain rise for Asian actors in Vancouver?

Art on the Rim

Pieces together the cultural puzzle.

Hong Kong skyline

Hong Kong

Reading the Bank of China Tower.

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Sanrio: Come Join Us!

Hello Kitty and other cute characters.

Chow Yun Fat

Art & Mayhem

China’s two cinemas policy.

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