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Urban Homesteader

With a few inexpensive, eco-friendly lifestyle changes, helping Mother Nature has never been so easy. Here are a few options to consider adopting in your everyday life.

Katarzyna Krol-Dusza, Dasol Yoo, Anahita Jamali Rad, Julianna Sonntag

Rescuing Chester

False killer whale, Chester, arrived at the Vancouver Aquarium near death. But he not only survived – he thrived!

Michelle Diaz

Growing Alternatives

From mushroom surfboards to bamboo bicycles and hemp beer: once futuristic, eco-friendly alternatives are available now.

Katarzyna Krol-Dusza & Olga Sizykh

Mind Your Manners

It can be challenging to keep track of what’s polite in different cultures. Our guide to table manners at a traditional Chinese dinner covers correct etiquette for using chopsticks, pouring tea, and serving others.

Michelle Phung
Illustration of Elephant.

The Pacific Rim in Numbers

This collection of facts relates to various articles published in the 2015 issue of Pacific Rim Magazine. From beekeepers to chopsticks, cups of coffee to endangered animals, we examine the Pacific Rim in numbers.

Kaitlyn Gendemann

In Numbers

Interesting numbers connecting Pacific Rim countries and Canada.

Ella Collier

Soldier On

The struggles and strangeness of dating in Vancouver.

Maggie Stoklosa

World Snapshots

A look at the latest societal trends from around the Pacific Rim.


Vivid spots of newsy ink from around the Rim: Falun Gon exercises, Immersion students, and the Malaysian Multimedia Super Corridor.

Lisa Thé, Lynda Yepez, Tess deHoog