Travelling in a New Direction

Community-based tourism is a responsible way to travel, preserving a destination community’s culture and environment. [read more]

Room For Everyone

Community-run Spartacus Books is a nonprofit resource centre with a long history of perseverance in the face of change. [read more]

A Better Measure of Success

How three Vancouver women are changing business for the better through environmental and social sustainability. [read more]

Untold Histories

Including Indigenous content and history in BC’s curriculum is a small but necessary step toward healing. [read more]

The Road Home

As the homelessness crisis worsens, cities in the Pacific Northwest look for ways to move forward.  [read more]


Children on the Outside

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver improves the lives of children who have parents in prison. [read more]

Dreams and Donuts

For Cartems, selling donuts is not all about making a profit; it’s the people who come first. [read more]

Room for Rent

International students face difficulty finding affordable and safe rental accommodations while going to school in Vancouver. [read more]

A Window Through Time

A glance back to an image that made the cover of the first issue of Pacific Rim Magazine[read more]


Tech Meets Tradition

Aaron Nelson-Moody shares his experience using modern software to help create traditional Coast Salish art. [read more]

A Sanctuary Called Home

Sanctuaries such as the Bloedel Conservatory and Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary give abandoned exotic birds a home. [read more]

App Happy

From health to travel to languages, apps can improve the quality of many aspects of a person’s life.  [read more]

A Fetching Solution

GoFetch is an app that connects dog owners with people who wish they were dog owners. [read more]

Women Who Code

An inside look at a global non-profit organization that empowers women to join the tech industry. [read more]

School of Thoughtfulness

An increasing number of schools are moving from traditional teaching practices to a more modern approach.
 [read more]


A local business celebrates a community based acupuncture practice that is available for everyone to take advantage of. [read more]

Goat Yoga

At Lainey Morse’s animal-assisted therapy sessions, people have come from all over to do yoga. With goats. [read more]

On Location

A young woman packs up and moves across Canada for a drastic career change. [read more]

Back to the Board Game

With attractive design and engaging narrative, old-fashioned board game nights are thriving in a digital age. [read more]

Access Gallery

A Vancouver art gallery sends new artists across the Pacific on a cargo ship to foster their creativity. [read more]