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Image of traditional Chinese medicinal practices text

Providing an Alternative

In rural areas of Central America, Western medicine can be difficult to come by. A Vancouver woman teaches Guatemalan healers the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to provide an affordable and accessible healthcare option.

Breanne Rogers

Gender Games

For many years the video gaming sphere has often been considered a man’s domain. But with an increase in female players and developers, the industry is shifting its focus to include a larger fan base.

Megan Towhey
Illustration of a crowd

Stress for Success

With short recruitment periods and a strict etiquette to follow for young Japanese people looking for work, the job hunt can be a stressful period in their life and can even lead to thoughts of suicide.

Kumiko Aoki

An Emerald Mountain

Trekking through one of the world’s marvels: the Batad Rice Terraces  in the Philippines

April Mcintyre

A Storied House

Historic Joy Kogawa House builds community through its writer-in-residence program.

Valerie Farlette

The Legend of Mount Bromo

Discover Indonesia’s most famous volcano, where a yearly festival keeps an ancient legend alive

Christine Knoll

Digging Up the Past

Uncovering the pivotal role of the Japanese in B.C.’s logging industry.

Alexa Love

Mass Exodus

The battle for B.C.’s Chinese Christian community.

Esther Yuen

Language Warrior

A young activist’s quest to save his native language.

Joi T. Arcand


A brief history of Japanese samurai warriors.

Allie Nichol