New Roots


UBC Forestry teaches skills to Chinese transfer students in an investment that has benefited BC’s forest industry.

Urban Homesteader


With a few inexpensive, eco-friendly lifestyle changes, helping Mother Nature has never been so easy. Here are a few options to consider adopting in your everyday life.

The Denim Dilemma


With the global popularity of disposable fashion comes the increasing destruction of the world’s water sources and ecosystems. Your $30 jeans may feel good and look fashionable, but what price does the environment pay?

Waste Not, Want Not


Cowpower BC is a non-profit organization that creates sustainable energy from manure. While similar energy production already exists in countries such as Germany and China, Cowpower is helping British Columbia contribute to a sustainable future.

Diversity Threatened


The plight of a few endangered species (such as the Javan rhinoceros and giant panda) has been widely publicized, but there are many lesser-known species across the Pacific Rim which are facing similar threats.

The Pacific Rim in Numbers


This collection of facts relates to various articles published in the 2015 issue of Pacific Rim Magazine. From beekeepers to chopsticks, cups of coffee to endangered animals, we examine the Pacific Rim in numbers.