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Plastic Oceans

The continued growth of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is motivating advocates to find innovative ways to clean it up.

Lindsay Risto

Future Harvests

Innovative UBC program provides a new generation of farmers with agricultural education and hands-on experience.

Charlotte Sander

The Repair Economy

Re-using and recycling old technology is just the first step in reducing the environmental impacts of electronic waste in our world.

Joanna McDonald
Dirty landscape near garment factory

The Denim Dilemma

With the global popularity of disposable fashion comes the increasing destruction of the world’s water sources and ecosystems. Your $30 jeans may feel good and look fashionable, but what price does the environment pay?

Vianney Cabrera
Illustration of Cow inside a lightbulb.

Waste Not, Want Not

Cowpower BC is a non-profit organization that creates sustainable energy from manure. While similar energy production already exists in countries such as Germany and China, Cowpower is helping British Columbia contribute to a sustainable future.

Dusty Yurkin
Alligator Illustration

Diversity Threatened

The plight of a few endangered species (such as the Javan rhinoceros and giant panda) has been widely publicized, but there are many lesser-known species across the Pacific Rim which are facing similar threats.

Kaitlyn Gendemann & Breanne Rogers
A blueprint-style illustration of a pipeline

On the Line

As tensions surrounding B.C.’s pipelines and resource extraction sites rise, opponents unite to take a stand.

Nat Gray
creative concept illustrating the endangerment of sharks

The Fin Appeal

Researchers, activists and shark experts weigh in to broaden the dialogue surrounding shark conservation.

Trista Baldwin
an illustration of a shark with mouth open

Debunking Jaws

The great white shark is not the villainous, vengeful killer Hollywood would have you believe.

Christine Reimer
An illustration of the Fukushima nuclear power plant

The Daiichi Dilemma

Fears of radioactive contamination remain as Fukushima attempts to rebuild.

Christine Reimer
An illustration of a man wrapped in a blanket made of bottles

Reincarnating Bottles

Plastic waste provides humanitarian relief when upcycled into new textiles.

Jamie Yeung
An illustrated Canadian maple leaf

Falling Behind

Canada’s rankings in environmental regulation and protection take a steep dive.

Stephanie Jurek, Taylor MacVittie

Facing The Flats

The hazards and opportunities of developing in the False Creek Flats.

Jimmy Leitch

Invasive Debris

Troublesome foreign species wash into West Coast waters.

Joanna Finlay


Japan 2012: one year after the disaster and the clean-up effort continues.

Colin Morgan

Catch and Preserve

Hobbyist-turned-historian Robert Critchley reconstructs B.C.’s canning industry.

Nicola Humphrey