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What some countries within the Pacific Rim are doing to reduce their impact on our planet.

Sayama Forest

Keeping it lush and magical for generations to come.

Carlo Acuña

Loved to Death

Slow and steady is losing the race: the efforts to save the world’s turtles.

Ashley Tanasiychuk

Colour Me Koi

Vancouver embraces an eastern treasure.

Philip C. Breakenridge

A Price Too High

An inhumane ritual threatens the global shark population.

Brian Baxter

A Hazy View

Long-range air pollutants cross the Pacific to Vancouver.

Monica Penner

Magnetic Future

Faster than a speeding bullet-train, able to levitate over tall tracks with a single run…it’s Maglev.

A. D. Mitchell

Losing Ground

Thailand’s domestic elephants struggle to survive in a post-logging economy.

Rob Howatson

B.C. Lumber Building Japan

When the eastern U.S. market dried up for the province’s forest industry, B.C.’s wood producers found a market farther east: the Far East.

Michael Colombara

More Than Skin-Deep

Reptiles as curios, food, pets, and aphrodisiacs. No wonder the black market reptile trade is third only to weapons and drugs.

Ronnie Fuentes

Homes to Go

A marketing plan for BC’s wood products.

Darlene Day
beaver illustration

Dam Ethics

Canada’s role in harnessing the Yangtze.

Susan Trice