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A Welcome to Advertisers!

Download the 2020 Media Kit / Rate Card (pdf)

Entering its 30th year of publication, Pacific Rim Magazine continues a tradition of excellence by combining incisive journalism, vigorous design, and captivating photography. This award-winning publication is distributed in Metro Vancouver, in copies of the Globe and Mail in early May. Our readers are Globe and Mail readers, who are known for their above-average education and income. We target readers who seek out our advertisers’ products and services and are able to afford them.

The magazine is written, designed, edited and produced by students of the Publishing Program at Langara College. This comprehensive diploma program teaches cutting-edge publishing skills. The story selection is exacting. Pages are crafted according to a precise grid and colour palette. Instructors with extensive backgrounds in publishing oversee every step of the process. The results rival the highest quality magazines created in Canada.

Past issues of Pacific Rim Magazine have given voice to timely subjects. From political and economic matters; to cuisine, sports, and culture; to technology and the environment, previous stories have informed readers in their understanding of Pacific Rim topics. With more than two decades of success in mind, we compose the 2019 issue, confident that all of your expectations will be rewarded in Pacific Rim Magazine.

Please join us as an advertiser and see the remarkable effect an ad in PRM will have on your business.

distribution plan

total distribution: 14,500

estimated readership: 40,000

12,000 copies will be distributed throughout British Columbia to all of the Globe and Mail’s daily subscribers.

2,500 copies to institutions with connections to the Pacific Rim, media, colleges, universities, and major public libraries

why you should be using magazine ads

70% of Canadians read a print magazine and overall magazine readership has remained consistent.

— Vividata

Fall 2017

58% of magazine readers have looked for more information based upon a print magazine ad—and that is even higher, (65%) for 25 to 34-year-olds.

— MPA Factbook


Ads in magazines have a higher level of trust than ads on social media, online banner ads, and ads served in search engine results.

—Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey,

September 2015.

Three-quarters of consumers prefer to read a paper copy of a magazine rather than an electronic version.

—Crowd DNA Rules of Attraction, Magnetic


globe and mail highlights

weekly readership facts:

35 33%

36 – 64 49%

65 18%

39% of our readers have a household income of over $100,000

Globe and Mail readers have above-average incomes and are better educated than Canadians in general.

The Globe and Mail is Canada’s leading news brand with the largest combined readership.

Millennials are the largest group of print readers.



College Media Association Pinnacle Awards

Website of the Year
(Two-Year Program)

Third place,
Magazine of the Year
(Two-Year Program)


College Media Association Pinnacle Awards

Website of the Year (Two-Year Program)


Magazine of the Year (Two-Year Program)

Stack Awards

Student Magazine of the Year


College Media Association Pinnacle Awards

Best Feature Magazine (Two-Tear Program)


College Media Association Pinnacle Awards

Best Photo Illustration

print & web bundle

Having your ad appear in print and online provides the benefits of both platforms. Magazines are typically kept for a period of time and have multiple readers. Your digital ad will be displayed for a full year.

22k unique visitors annually

51% Canadian visitors

62k pageviews annually

33% readers aged 25-34

Get more value by taking advantage of year-long exposure on The site is re-launched each summer with new content from the current issue of Pacific Rim Magazine. Your ad will run in rotation until August 2018 and can be linked to a URL of your choice.

The Publishing Program at Langara College has produced Pacific Rim Magazine for 21 years. includes all these stories and generate significant traffic on the site. Continued interest in the Pacific Rim region and the relevant information we present brings more than 22,000 unique visitors annually. This produces 62,200 pageviews with visitors remaining on the site longer than the online average.

Though we get our share of international traffic, 51% of our visitors are from Canada. Mobile visitors using iOS—users are known to spend more on average—outnumber Android by 2:1. A third of our visitors are aged 25 to 34. The rotating nature of how your ad will be displayed ensures you benefit from it appearing on pages with high traffic.

Bookings for a ⅓ page or smaller print ad will include a 300 x 250 pixel “Medium Rectangle” web ad. Bookings for a ½ page or larger print ad will include a 300 x 600 pixel “Half Page” web ad.


    • Advertising will not exceed 40% of the content
    • Colour photography and graphic art will be used to illustrate articles
    • 64 pages (including cover), printed on high-quality
    • coated stock, minimum 150 line screen
    • 14,500 copies will be printed and distributed
    • Commissions: 15% to recognized agencies
    • Payment in full is due within 30 days of receiving a
      published copy of the ad
    • Supplied artwork must be digital
  • Rates quoted are for space and printing only

what’s included:

Part of advertising with PRM means having a team of designers, copywriters, editors and professional photography students* ready to create professional ads for the magazine and website at no extra cost.**





* Advertising photography is usually available free of charge for a one-time use of images in Pacific Rim Magazine. After that use, copyright remains with the photographer. Use of advertising photos in other media must be arranged in writing between the advertiser and the photographer. The photographer may charge fees for publication of photos in media in addition to Pacific Rim Magazine.

** If in the consultation process, the advertiser requires and agrees to outside resources that will result in extra costs (e.g. a photo from an online image bank) then those costs will be incurred by the advertiser. The advertising department strives to work with the highest quality formats but can be limited by what the advertiser submits.

rate card

important dates

A new rate card and collection of deadlines will be available February 2020 for the next issue of Pacific Rim Magazine! Information will be posted on our social media so make sure to check back. Or:


Non-bleed sizes
Sizes Width Depth
1 page* 8 1/8″ 10 3/4″
2/3 page vertical 4 5/8″ 10″
1/2 page vertical 3 7/16″ 10″
1/2 page horizontal 7″ 4 15/16″
1/2 page vertical digest 4 5/8″ 7 1/2″
1/3 page vertical 2 1/4″ 10″
1/3 page square 4 5/8″ 4 15/16″
1/6 page vertical 2 1/4″ 4 15/16″
1/6 page horizontal 4 5/8″ 2 3/8″

*Additional 1/8″ bleed added to 1-page ad.


Colour B&W Colour B&W
1 page* $1,495 $1,050 $2,175 $1,470
2/3 page* $1,190 $825 $1,690 $1,175
1/2 page* $895 $615 $1,270 $885
1/3 page* $630 $435 $895 $620
1/6 page* $360 $245 $510 $345
2 facing pages* $2,355 $3,360
centre spread $2,870 $4,095
inside back cover $1,765 $2,520
page three $2,095 $2,995
inside front cover or
outside back cover
$1,910 $2,730
* Confirmed placement on inside pages $50 while available (only within space booking deadline).
**Price per year


For further information regarding PRM, please contact:

Josué Menjivar


Tel: 604-323-5432

Fax: 604-323-5393


Don Hill

Advertising Director

Tel: 604-323-5371

Fax: 604-323-5393


Production and technical information requests available from:

Terry van Roon

Managing Production Director

Tel: 604-323-5436

Fax: 604-323-5393