Aline Cavalheiro

Ad Designer
Web Designer

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” – Henry Miller

Aline has travelled to more than 70 countries and for this reason, considers herself a world traveller. For her, graphic design and travelling have a lot in common: they both change the way you look at the world. She knows that reading about a certain place or seeing pictures of it is definitely not the same as experiencing that place—just like reading about design doesn’t make you a designer. Aline thinks you need to try different things and find out what you enjoy doing most and to find out what you’re good at. She says, “I come from a path completely different from the one I’m taking now and I’m so glad for this change in my life. Now it’s time to put to practice everything that I’ve learned, there’s a whole new world ahead of me.”

Caroline Kim

Art Director
Web Designer

“An active participant of the smallest, but loudest, publishing cohort.” – Terry Van Roon

“뭐? 퍼블리싱?그게 뭔데?” – Caroline’s Mom

“Caroline ‘Caro’ Kim studied at the University of Toronto where she begrudgingly majored in Criminology and English. She has always been artistic and is happy to be using her abilities. She is basically a genius and a textbook Sagittarius. She’s the type of person that will tell you she’s shy, but she’ll say it 12 octaves louder than anyone you’ve ever heard. Add me on LinkedIn.” – Kathleen Murdock


William Davies

Production Director
Front End Developer

William began a career in publishing with an underground one-sheet newspaper, while studying for his BA in Political Studies. After a short career in Ottawa, he moved back to Vancouver to focus on writing poetry. Self-publishing zines became a creative outlet for poetry and illustrations, as well as the work of collaborators. Collaboration is at the heart of William’s work, and he recently completed his second successful crowdfunding campaign — this time with an international team of creators. The 32-page zine is full of original stories and art.  William curated, designed, edited, fundraised, promoted, and published the project. With the array of new skills from Langara’s Publishing diploma, including web design, typography, and print-production, William is eager to start working in the publishing and printing industry.

Natasha Brasnett

Layout Artist/ Production Liaison
Front End Developer

Natasha Brasnett has always considered herself as being a science nerd. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Victoria with a Major in Biology and a Minor in Coastal Studies. While she loves learning about the ocean and environmental issues, she could not reconcile herself to working within this field. Having grown up dabbling in the arts (photography, music and poetry), finding expression through art was always a hobby of hers. She stumbled upon the Langara Publishing Diploma and immediately knew that this was the missing piece she needed. Being immersed in the world of design has reignited her passion for creativity. Just as she stumbled into the program, she fell face-first on the first day of class in front of her new peers—recovering physically but never emotionally.

Maho Kochi

Associate Production Director
Front End Developer

Maho Kochi is a second-year student of Publishing program at Langara College and plans to transfer to a university in a different country to continue to study design after this program. She is originally from Tokyo, Japan, where she grew up and graduated from high school. She never imagined that she’d studied in Canada for 4 years and be in the design field. The past two years in this program have been inspiring her and helping her improve herself. Now design is one of her passions, especially typography. She’d like to design something special for people, and she wants them to feel happy and inspired by her work. This summer will be her last summer in Vancouver, so she is honoured to spend it working on PRM again. She is glad to have been in this program for 2 years and to have met a lot of amazing teachers and friends.


Kathleen Murdock

Managing Editor
Online Editor & Promotions Specialist

Kathleen Murdock has always loved telling stories, through writing and public speaking. She spent her childhood making scrapbooks and mini magazines in her room while surrounded by stacks of the publications she subscribed to. She always craved a creative career that would include her passion for politics and human rights. This led her to study Political Science at the University of Victoria after high school. While in the workforce after university, she dreamed of attending Langara’s Publishing program to help create a real magazine one day. The program has strengthened her goals to write, edit, and speak for a living. Next in her career, she hopes to create content for organizations that support cultural equality and diversity. Like a total nerd, her favourite social network is LinkedIn. Kathleen is also a semi-colon enthusiast; she would love to tell you all about it.


Marie Adamo

Features Editor
Online Editor & Promotions Specialist

Marie Adamo has always been a lover of stories. As a kid, she would read the newspaper every morning with her Eggo waffle and was rarely found without her nose in a book. She kept numerous magazine subscriptions as a teenager, reading each issue cover to cover. Naturally, she went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of British Columbia, where she truly loved her time spent discussing and writing about literature.

After spending a few years working in sales and marketing, Marie decided to return to her passion and enrolled in the Langara Publishing program. She has enjoyed brushing up on her writing and editing skills and learning the technical and visual aspects of publishing. Next, Marie hopes to become an editor for a magazine or publisher.


Valeria Valdeiglesias

Associate Art Director

Valeria has been curious about design since she was a kid, but after several years of painting and playing with watercolours, she decided to change paths and pursue Architecture. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Peru, she started a lifestyle blog called Fashion Frontier as a way to create more content and practice her other passion: photography. Most of Valeria’s free time is spent doing crafts and teaching embroidery workshops; she even opened a stationery company with her best friend. As a stone collector and adventurer, Val can often be found at one of the many Gem Shows around Vancouver or hiking with her dogs and husband. After this diploma, she intends to do a mixture of Retail Architecture with Graphic Design, but who knows, maybe she will end up as a crazy dog lady. Woof woof.

Rachel Jackson

Associate Editor
Web Designer

Rachel Jackson is a writer and artist from Duncan, BC. She first discovered a passion for publishing while studying creative writing at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo. She worked on VIU’s Portal magazine as the Art Acquisitions Editor, Assistant Art Director, and Fiction Editor for the 2017 issue, and was the Art Director of the 2018 issue. She is eager to find a place to grow within the publishing industry. Rachel’s art and poetry have appeared in Portal, (parenthetical), Sad Girl Review, and several zines including Bad Wizards Club #2. She participated in Hot Art Wet City’s inaugural Sticky show this past March and has tabled at art fairs and conventions since 2015.

Dmitri Chimich

Layout/ Production Artist
Media Producer

At a young age, Dmitri always enjoyed elementary school art classes that forced him to apply his creative and imaginative ideas. These facets of his brain have always been a large part of his life. Throughout high school, he was an aspiring chef which naturally led him to enroll in culinary school. After attending VCC and receiving culinary cook certification, his creative instincts were stronger than ever; he decided to switch career paths and enrolled in the Langara Publishing program. While working in the culinary arts industry, he gravitated toward symmetric, clean, and neat design which was essential in plating ingredients. Despite the evident style he followed for years, he remains uncaged. He refuses to be restrained by stylistic notions and continues to explore various aspects of design. He enjoys illustrative style as well as the graphic abstract movement. He enjoys working with bold colours and is enamoured with landscape photography. After completing the program, he hopes to return to school abroad, focusing on the graphic/illustrative design field.


Melissa Alves

Ad Traffic Manager
Media Producer

Melissa found her way into the Publishing Program after a long search for a program that could encompass all her areas of interest. Before finding her dream program, Mel spent her time working in her family’s pet shop, playing around with all sorts of animals, and enjoying life as it was seen through her camera lens. Her free time still consists of photography, and she also maintains a small zoo of reptiles. She can’t wait to graduate and start designing all kinds of things for all kinds of clients, and she also hopes to get more writing and photography experience. She is grateful for her family, friends, mentors, countless cups of coffee, and the absurd amount of avocados that helped her get to where she is now.


Nolan Nadeau

Associate Editor
Media Producer

Nolan is a graduate of Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts in History. Having graduated and found himself working at a grocery store acting as a shop steward, he became aware of a gulf between his knowledge on Union activities and those of his co-workers. The methods of communication being used by the Union were not reaching their members, frustrating both the Union administration and the workers at large. Inspired by a desire to bridge that gap and seeking the tools to create and design better communications, Nolan enrolled in the Publishing program at Langara. He looks forward to putting the skills he has acquired during his time in the program towards bettering communications between leadership and workers.

Shefali Agarwal

Ad Designer
Media Producer

Shefali Agarwal is a business graduate, part-time poet and full-time daydreamer. Love child of Wes Anderson and Tim Burton, her style can be best described as quirky bright colours prancing elegantly upon a field of blossoming pleasant chaos. Shefali believes in taking life not too seriously — a quality that keeps her zen in balance. Rules curb her enthusiasm. Resiliently vibrant with a major in kindness and empathy. Shefali will publish her own book of poems after graduating from the Publishing program.


Isabel Hunt

Layout Artist

Isabel Hunt was a yearbook editor in grades 11 and 12. During those two years, she discovered her passion for graphic design and applied to the Publishing Program at Langara College. In her first year in the Publishing Program, Isabel was the 2018 PRM Promotions Director and worked collaboratively with the rest of the Promotions department to organize the launch party. This fall, Isabel will be embarking on a new adventure and will be attending the University of Victoria to begin a Bachelor of Science.

Taylor Williams

Ad Designer

Based out of Vancouver, BC, Taylor Williams is a young Graphic Designer and Writer.  When it comes to art, Taylor believes you can express it any way you please and still make an impactful statement. Her style is always evolving as she grows into the artist she aspires to be. She is excited for the journey that awaits. What makes her designs distinct is the different array of colours. She never likes to stick with the same type of design and isn’t afraid to use more dramatic colours as well as more muted looks. She’s a big fan of geometric shapes and in her spare time, she writes poetry.

Julia Torrico

Layout Artist

Originally from Brazil, Julia has always been interested in graphic design. Since high school, her favourite courses have always been Arts and Computer Science. She also studied journalism at a post-secondary level in Brazil for one semester, which helped her gain a better understanding of the media and graphic design. One of Julia’s favourite hobbies is photography, and she loves capturing and editing photos. The sum of her past experiences and personal interests led her to the Publishing Program. After graduation, she wants to specialize in Photoshop and illustration and find a job in Vancouver’s publishing industry. She also hopes to expand her design skills and obtain new experiences.