Dmitri Chimich

Layout/ Production Artist Media Producer

At a young age, Dmitri always enjoyed elementary school art classes that forced him to apply his creative and imaginative ideas. These facets of his brain have always been a large part of his life. Throughout high school, he was an aspiring chef which naturally led him to enroll in culinary school. After attending VCC and receiving culinary cook certification, his creative instincts were stronger than ever; he decided to switch career paths and enrolled in the Langara Publishing program. While working in the culinary arts industry, he gravitated toward symmetric, clean, and neat design which was essential in plating ingredients. Despite the evident style he followed for years, he remains uncaged. He refuses to be restrained by stylistic notions and continues to explore various aspects of design. He enjoys illustrative style as well as the graphic abstract movement. He enjoys working with bold colours and is enamoured with landscape photography. After completing the program, he hopes to return to school abroad, focusing on the graphic/illustrative design field.