Isabella Tak

Print Writer
What did you enjoy most about the Publishing program?
This was my first experience with creatives and artists. Previously, I worked in mental healthcare and public policy which are “outcomes” oriented. Learning with creative students and teachers fundamentally shifted my perceptions and opened a new part of my heart and mind. Now I am a healthcare professional with a more creative, art-informed approach too.
What is one unique or interesting thing about you?
I am a first-generation Dutch-Canadienne who speaks (rusty) French and Spanish but no Dutch; my parents thought learning it was impractical while living in Canada. Classic Dutch thinking: ask anyone Dutch, and they’ll laugh with delight!
Who’s your favourite superhero?
Helen Keller, who broke stereotypes as a woman. She was a public speaker and author who transformed global perceptions of people with different abilities, more commonly referred to as “disabled.”
Who inspires you and why?
My sister’s courage to touch her creative voice (she’s a painter) and release it into the world post-50, metamorphosing into her full self and inspiring those around her.