Tanya Lefebvre

Print Production Artist
Web Online Editor, Quality Assurance Specialist

What did you enjoy most about the Publishing program?

Witnessing and experiencing everyone’s different levels of creativity and being inspired by those talents myself. (…along with Terry’s invaluable expertise, guidance and comic relief, and Josué’s fantastic lectures!)
What is the one unique or interesting thing about you?
Ahh… It’s a secret…(I also have a background in Law Enforcement…)
What do you like to do on your days off?
What days off? Seriously, I haven’t had many days off during this program other than mandatory holidays! But when I can, I try to spend more time with my children, engage in fun activities or just simply snuggle on the couch while watching Netflix…
What is your favourite TV show?
I truly don’t watch a great amount of TV. Usually Netflix and Discovery or news channels, to be honest. And I am addicted to a few of the Netflix series. However, for cable TV, I would have to say Code Black… I cry after almost every episode!