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chinatown buildings

Preserving Chinatown

An investigation into the ongoing housing crisis of Vancouver’s Chinatown and Downtown East Side, and the groups trying to solve it.

Vancouver Architecture the Bing Thom Way

Exploring the innovative designs of a hometown legend.

A Pod of One’s Own

Pod hotels offer the weary traveller a little luxury.

Structural Integrity: Architect Joe Wai

A profile of Chinatown architect Joe Wai.

Building Foundations

B.C. develops a market for wood-frame construction in China.

The New Aberdeen Centre

Richmond retail takes on a new look.

Harmonious Homes

In Vancouver’s volatile real estate market, feng shui influences your home’s resale value.

Hostage to Heritage

A historic Vancouver community is held hostage to heritage.

Feng Shui: Blueprint for Balance

User-friendly. Asbestos-free. And professionally Feng-Shui-ed. Richmond gets a new city hall.

Excuse Us While We Kiss The Sky

Asian countries take office towers to dizzying new heights.

Batwings & Bamboo

Not everyone likes the cut of these jibs, but the B.C. mariners who build them are clearly hooked on junk.

Of Posts and Beams

The Island School of Building Arts teaches how to build houses using modular posts and beams and recycled materials.

Gold Medal Home

An award winning home, by builder and designer Victor Lo, is profiled.

A Door Opens

A new consulate, the Royal Thai Consulate in Vancouver, opens.

Chan Centre

UBC’s new performing arts centre.

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Victoria’s Hidden City

Touring Chinatown.

Hong Kong skyline

Hong Kong

Reading the Bank of China Tower.