Travelling in a New Direction

Community-based tourism is a responsible way to travel, preserving a destination community’s culture and environment. [read more]

Food Street

Alexandra Road in Richmond, BC, is home to over 70 restaurants featuring authentic cuisine from all over Asia. [read more]

Preserving Chinatown

An investigation into the ongoing housing crisis of Vancouver’s Chinatown and Downtown East Side, and the groups trying to solve it. [read more]

Casual Asian Fusion at Bao Down

Fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, exotic flavour pairings, and heavenly tempura tempt even the fussiest diner to try more. [read more]

Asian Cinema on the Rise

Asian films are gaining critical and audience acclaim, overcoming political and commercial challenges. [read more]

Let’s Celebrate

From dragon boat races in China to ancient Incan rituals in Peru, the Pacific Rim is rich in celebrations. Take a quick trip around the region and discover what festivals these diverse nations have to offer. [read more]

King of Gamelan

Musicologist Michael Tenzer on his passion for Balinese orchestra. [read more]


A look at environmental facts from countries around the Pacific Rim.  [read more]


Travel information about countries in South East Asia. [read more]


What some countries within the Pacific Rim are doing to reduce their impact on our planet. [read more]

Satellite Kids

Learning in a land far from the apron strings. [read more]

Discover the Pacific Rim

Facts and vacation tips for the discerning traveller (China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Thailand) [read more]

Travel Facts

Japan, China, Cambodia & Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand & Philippines, Vietnam & Burma [read more]

Changing Names

Discussing the link between name changing and cultural identity. [read more]