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A Handmade Hello

A better business model: greeting cards made locally

Crafted Creatures

The art of Japanese crochet: Amigurumi.

Growing Pains

The impact of booming Asian trade on local communities.

Stompin’ Grounds

Dayton Boots: why one Vancouver manufacturer is keeping it local.

Culinary Blueprint

The superstar chef behind Maenam.

Carving a Niche

An ancient art form through a modern lens.

Sister Cities an Ocean Apart

Numata and Port Hardy: a tale of two towns and their kinship.

Main Street Marvel

Diana Li’s window displays captivate passers-by.

Chinatown Chic

New treasures in an old part of town.

The New Grocerʼs Aisle

Preparing authentic Asian fare in your own kitchen.

Faster, Thailand! Create! Create!

Adding Thai flavour to the creative economy.

Importing Flavour

Getting Pacific Rim ingredients from ship to shore.

The Future of E-Communication

Vancouver-based InSpot Development’s new technology is blurring cultural boundaries.

On the Waterfront

Vancouver’s port for the 21st century.


A new breed of Asian-Canadians is taking on the world.

It’s a Walt World After All

In the year of the dragon, the Mouse announces it will build Disney #5 in Hong Kong. Expected completion: the year of the rooster.

Hello Kitty, Goodbye Wallet

The pink mouthless cat is considered cute by some, baffling by others.

Homes to Go

A marketing plan for BC’s wood products.

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Sanrio: Come Join Us!

Hello Kitty and other cute characters.


Tides of Trade

APEC leaders to meet in Vancouver.

coastal shipping yard

Cranes, Trains and Container Ships

Canadian Cargo comes home.

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