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Travel for the Year 2008

Quick facts about Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and China for 2008

Crowning Glory

Eastern values meet Western Culture in the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant.

Loved to Death

Slow and steady is losing the race: the efforts to save the world’s turtles.

Beyond the blue wall: Falun Dafa

A quiet protest rages on South Granville Street.

Family Portraits

Families with children from China share their stories.

Redressing the Past of the Lo Wah Kui

Chinese-Canadians demand compensation for past injustices.

Building Foundations

B.C. develops a market for wood-frame construction in China.

Chinese Opera: Vancouver’s Quiet Treasure

The elusive world of Chinese opera in Vancouver.

Building Schools

Vancouver Sowers Society raises funds for education in China.

Ancient Science of the Orient

7,000 years of the Chinese technology.

Ceramics of the Middle Kingdom

Information about the Chinese pottery exhibit that took place at the Museum of Anthropology in 2001.

It’s a Walt World After All

In the year of the dragon, the Mouse announces it will build Disney #5 in Hong Kong. Expected completion: the year of the rooster.

The Story of Tea

The Chinese have extolled its nutritional and therapeutic effects for centuries. Now, Westerners are learning how tea enhances comfort and health.

Loyal to Country

A museum opens to honour Chinese Canadian veterans who fought for social acceptance.

A Letter From Zhangzhou

A past contributor to PRM relates his experiences while living and working in China.

Speaking in Stones

A local artist explores the mysteries of Neolithic jade.

On China’s Waterfront

Giving tourists reasons to get off the tour bus and put on their walking shoes.

broccoli and green vegetables

Beating the Broccoli Blues

Exotic Asian Vegetables.

Dances with Lions

China’s mythical lions.

Dr Wah Jun Tze

Dr. Tze—Medicine Man

Alternative medical practices.

a Chinese tea set

Subtle Teas

For the body and soul.

beaver illustration

Dam Ethics

Canada’s role in harnessing the Yangtze.

Chow Yun Fat

Art & Mayhem

China’s two cinemas policy.

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CGA Canada Leads

CGA Canada is recruited to train China’s accountants for the year 2000 and beyond.