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Stephanie Taylor

A Better Measure of Success

How three Vancouver women are changing business for the better through environmental and social sustainability.

Pink Clothing

A Fitting Solution

Many used items of clothing are simply tossed into the garbage, but this does not have to happen.

woman in a fashion store

Sustainable Fashion

Fashion Designer Nicole Bridger talks about the importance of sustainable fashion in this one-on-one interview.

Dirty landscape near garment factory

The Denim Dilemma

With the global popularity of disposable fashion comes the increasing destruction of the world’s water sources and ecosystems. Your $30 jeans may feel good and look fashionable, but what price does the environment pay?

The World of Wearable Art

World of Wearable Art is an annual event held in New Zealand that encourages designers to create outfits as wearable art.

Van Chic

Vancouver blogger Elim Chu finds fashion inspiration outside of big-name magazines and on our local Vancity streets

Stompin’ Grounds

Dayton Boots: why one Vancouver manufacturer is keeping it local.

A Beautiful Mind

The beautiful colours of Shu Uemura’s palette.

The Naked Truth About Denim

Nudie Jeans Co., from Sweden, utilize Japanese selvedge denim to create a social consciousness.

Harajuku Fashions

Displaying diverse styles from one Tokyo district.

Dragon on your Arm

Indelible mark of tattoo shifts from the fringe to mainstream.

Japanese Style Tribes

A look at Japanese fashion in Vancouver.

The Science of Kimono

It can take five years and a lot of practice to learn how to wear one.

Behind the Seams

A local fashion designer is reaping the benefits of what she has sewn.

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