A Community Prepared

The tight-knit community of Anacla prepares for a predicted earthquake; can neighbouring communities learn from them? [read more]

What’s in a Name

British Columbia takes steps towards reconciliation with Canada’s First Nations peoples by restoring Indigenous place names.  [read more]

Down the Amazon

Iquitos, Peru is your gateway to an unforgettable adventure exploring the Amazon’s villages, exotic plants, and animals. [read more]

Plastic Oceans

The continued growth of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is motivating advocates to find innovative ways to clean it up. [read more]

Future Harvests

Innovative UBC program provides a new generation of farmers with agricultural education and hands-on experience. [read more]

The Philippines’ Last Frontier

Breathtaking views, crystal blue waters, powder white sand. Heaven on Earth is found at Palawan Province, Philippines. [read more]

Around the Pacific

The night markets, hikes, festivals, and eco-tourism options of four Pacific Rim Countries. [read more]

A Growing Economy

A review of Canada’s and China’s forestry industries. [read more]


Remote destination travel tips for the intrepid traveller. [read more]

Travel 2012 Report

Travel report for Japan, Papua New Guinea, Singapore in 2012. [read more]

World Snapshots

A look at the latest societal trends from around the Pacific Rim. [read more]

48 Hours In …

Facts and information to prepare you for a trip to Vietnam, Australia, Hong Kong, and Mumbai. [read more]


A look at environmental facts from countries around the Pacific Rim.  [read more]


Travel information about countries in South East Asia. [read more]

Magnetic Future

Faster than a speeding bullet-train, able to levitate over tall tracks with a single run…it’s Maglev. [read more]