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Grandmother – 150 Years of One Family’s History

An amazing tale of triumph and tragedy that spans two centuries.

Colour Me Koi

Vancouver embraces an eastern treasure.

Redressing the Past of the Lo Wah Kui

Chinese-Canadians demand compensation for past injustices.

Grappling with Change: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

A martial art transplanted.

Handmade Paper

Vancouver artisans revive and age-old craft.

Gardening the Rough

The restoration of a historical West Coast garden.

A Humble Little Bean

The surprisingly interesting history of soy.


History behind the mandarin orange.


Shamantic tales of Eastern Russia.

Ancient Science of the Orient

7,000 years of the Chinese technology.

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The Drive

Art and culture is alive on Commercial Drive.

The Growing Culture

Life of the Strathcona Community Gardens.

Ceramics of the Middle Kingdom

Information about the Chinese pottery exhibit that took place at the Museum of Anthropology in 2001.

Aya’s Story

Branded an enemy alien and interned in a Kootenay ghost town, Canadian-born Aya Higashi rose above the injustice.

Shipwrecks of the West Coast Trail

Before it became popular with hikers, the Ship’s Graveyard was notorious for its maritime disasters.

Loyal to Country

A museum opens to honour Chinese Canadian veterans who fought for social acceptance.

The Art of Strategy

After more than 2,000 years, Sun-Tzu’s The Art of War may be the most influential book on resolving conflicts in the business world today.

First Class Warrior Empress

Memories of the luxury liner that once linked Vancouver to Asia.

Speaking in Stones

A local artist explores the mysteries of Neolithic jade.

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Ten Years On

A look back at Pacific Rim Magazine’s first decade.

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Victoria’s Hidden City

Touring Chinatown.

Dances with Lions

China’s mythical lions.

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