Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio

Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio offers Peruvian and Japanese fusion cuisine using sustainably-sourced seafood.  [read more]

Wrestling the Ramen Dragon

Pacific Rim Magazine staff takes on the Giga Dragon eating challenge at Ramen Takanotsume in Vancouver’s West End. [read more]

Creating Space

Expensive studio rent in large cities makes artists come up with creative solutions in both design and concept. [read more]

Scientist Faces Fallout

Death threats have not deterred a scientist from reporting data about negligible Fukushima radiation on the BC coast. [read more]


Popular dishes, drinks, and desserts from China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and more, all in one restaurant.  [read more]


Bold and innovative Pan Asian food delights the senses in Vancouver’s new Main Street hot spot. [read more]

Stress for Success

With short recruitment periods and a strict etiquette to follow for young Japanese people looking for work, the job hunt can be a stressful period in their life and can even lead to thoughts of suicide. [read more]

The Daiichi Dilemma

Fears of radioactive contamination remain as Fukushima attempts to rebuild. [read more]

Cosplay Reaches Across Borders

Cosplay – the act of dressing up as a character from popular culture – has worldwide popularity. [read more]

Invasive Debris

Troublesome foreign species wash into West Coast waters. [read more]

A Storied House

Historic Joy Kogawa House builds community through its writer-in-residence program. [read more]


Japan 2012: one year after the disaster and the clean-up effort continues. [read more]


A brief history of Japanese samurai warriors.  [read more]