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Sadako and the Thousand Cranes

Paper cranes for peace.


A brief history of Japanese samurai warriors.

The Many Faces of Mochi

More than just a sweet treat.

Manga’s Next Move

Anime and manga trends are growing more than ever as technology continues to progress.

Science or Slaughter

A careful look at the Japanese whaling problem.

Big In Japan

Exposing Japan to new musical experiences from a world away.

A Beautiful Mind

The beautiful colours of Shu Uemura’s palette.

Sayama Forest

Keeping it lush and magical for generations to come.

Death by Cinema

An in-depth dissection of Japanese horror.

The Naked Truth About Denim

Nudie Jeans Co., from Sweden, utilize Japanese selvedge denim to create a social consciousness.

The Art of Taiga Chiba

Taiga Chiba finds beauty in the unexpected.

Shutter Speed: The Extreme Photography of Toshi Kawano

Toshi Kawano takes to the slopes of Whistler.

The World of Professional Hosting

Choreographed flirtation, all-nighters, and maybe, a free Mercedes… welcome to the world of professional hosting.

Mystery Touch: Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese therapy about balancing energy and achieving a harmonious state.

Coffee: You’ve Met Your Matcha

Matcha green tea is becoming popular across the West Coast.

A Pod of One’s Own

Pod hotels offer the weary traveller a little luxury.

Travel for the Year 2008

Quick facts about Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and China for 2008

One Bored for Another

The Japanese rising class of freeters: the lifestyle at Miyazaki.

Elements of Tranquility

The art of Japanese Zen gardens.

Harajuku Fashions

Displaying diverse styles from one Tokyo district.

A Stronger Community

Harmony through the martial art of aikido.

Against the Grain

Admiring natural and timeless ideals in Japanese furniture.

Breaking Barriers Through Baseball

Honouring the Asahi’s contribution to Japanese-Canadian history.

Not your Mother’s Station Wagon

Getting behind the wheel of Vancouver’s modified car scene.

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