Dining in the Dark

Eating a meal in total darkness is undoubtedly a unique experience. But dark dining is a growing trend, and provides not only an epicurean adventure, but career possibilities for those with a visual impairment. [read more]

Stress for Success

With short recruitment periods and a strict etiquette to follow for young Japanese people looking for work, the job hunt can be a stressful period in their life and can even lead to thoughts of suicide. [read more]

The Returns of Labour

Agricultural migrant workers from Mexico face challenging employment and social conditions in Canada. [read more]

Limited Prospects

Newly qualified Canadian teachers seek employment with international schools. [read more]

Made in Canada

Not just a dilemma for developing nations, sweatshops are a local issue. [read more]

Glitter Girls

Japan’s night world lures young Canadian women to play hostess.  [read more]

Verbal Judo

Vancouver’s Asian women police officers face stereotypes and cultural barriers.  [read more]