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choir with a guitarist

Not Your Grandmother’s Choir

A look at the rise of community pop choirs and the health benefits of group singing.

illustration of a heart

Healing Behind Bars

Inmates are given the opportunity to heal with yoga and art-based therapy programs being offered in prisons.

Seekers International Stays Inspired

Seekers International charts his musical influences as his career takes off.

K-pop enjoys rising recognition in North America

K-pop, or Korean popular music, is making a push into the North American market.

An Honest Pursuit

Folk-rocker Jasper Sloan Yip gets set for the release of his third album.

Holding the Note

Salve Dayao recalls the golden years of Jazz.

Jams from Japan

Discovering Japanese indie music.

King of Gamelan

Musicologist Michael Tenzer on his passion for Balinese orchestra.

The Hastings Set

The new nerve centre for musicians in Vancouver.

Lost and Found

A conversation with Vancouver art-repreneur David Duprey.

Big In Japan

Exposing Japan to new musical experiences from a world away.

Paying Homage to the Instruments

Rare 18th century instruments lent to the Borealis String Quartet.

Japanese Grind Music

Japan’s hardcore scene tries out a new tongue.

Sounds of Unity: Gamelan

Inside Indonesian orchestral music.

Textures of Sound

Asian traditions inspire New Music.

Power & Grace

Jon Kimura Parker; a pianist with the perfect touch.

Uzume Taiko

Wild and kinetic; its experimental music transforms drum beats into raw emotion.

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