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Published 2000

Face to Face
Masthead 2000

List of contributors to the 2000 issue.

It’s a Walt World After All

In the year of the dragon, the Mouse announces it will build Disney #5 in Hong Kong. Expected completion: the year of the rooster.

Aya’s Story

Branded an enemy alien and interned in a Kootenay ghost town, Canadian-born Aya Higashi rose above the injustice.

Feng Shui: Blueprint for Balance

User-friendly. Asbestos-free. And professionally Feng-Shui-ed. Richmond gets a new city hall.

Hello Kitty, Goodbye Wallet

The pink mouthless cat is considered cute by some, baffling by others.


Vivid spots of newsy ink from around the Rim: Falun Gon exercises, Immersion students, and the Malaysian Multimedia Super Corridor.

Boxed Lunch

Muay Thai is an Olympic sport, a business lunch and combat training all in one; plus, you can use your elbows.

Excuse Us While We Kiss The Sky

Asian countries take office towers to dizzying new heights.

Losing Ground

Thailand’s domestic elephants struggle to survive in a post-logging economy.

Anime on the Horizon

Animators like Hayao Miyazaki produce sophisticated films for mature audiences.

Japanese bathhouse

Sento Seeps Away

The traditional Japanese public bath is being replaced by western-influenced pastimes and modern residential amenities.

Sculpting in Slow Motion

The Bonsai Way: midget trees aren’t born, they’re made.

Face to Face with Hapa

A movement to spread awareness about the biracial experience gains momentum in the U.S., but where’s the scene in Canada?

Warming up to Cold Sake

Everything you know about this trendy new drink is probably wrong.

Mariners’ Mission

Pacific Rim goes down on the docks with Port Chaplain, Teus Kappers.

Nirvana Nine to Five

More and more companies are trying Transcendental Meditation in the workplace to reduce stress and boost productivity.

Qi: The Pulse of Prevention

More and more companies are trying Transcendental Meditation in the workplace to reduce stress and boost productivity.

The Science of Kimono

It can take five years and a lot of practice to learn how to wear one.


Restaurant reviews for Gyoza King, Parker Place Mall Food Court, and Thai Away Home.

Indonesian Infusion

A good barista keeps her ear to the grounds. She hears things. For instance, the clamouring for Javanese joe, the hottest blend in town.

Through the Looking Glass

The Vancouver Art Gallery presents the weird and strangely compelling.

Batwings & Bamboo

Not everyone likes the cut of these jibs, but the B.C. mariners who build them are clearly hooked on junk.

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