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Published 2002

Made in Canada
Masthead 2002

List of contributors to the 2002 issue.

Hearth and Homestay

More than bed & board—homestays become second families to international students.

Dragon on your Arm

Indelible mark of tattoo shifts from the fringe to mainstream.

Verbal Judo

Vancouver’s Asian women police officers face stereotypes and cultural barriers.

Made in Canada

Not just a dilemma for developing nations, sweatshops are a local issue.

Glitter Girls

Japan’s night world lures young Canadian women to play hostess.

Tough Market for B.C. Grown Ginseng

Market problems plague BC ginseng growers, despite a huge harvest last year.

Harmonious Homes

In Vancouver’s volatile real estate market, feng shui influences your home’s resale value.

Ikebana: Zen art of flower arranging

Inspired by nature, Ikebana flower arranging attracts contemporary students.

Homeless Hounds: Compassion in a fur coat

Abandoned pets get new lives through dog rescues in Canada and Japan.

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