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Published 2009

New Ways of Seeing
Masthead 2009

List of contributors to the 2009 issue.

Globe-trotting: Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

Travel info about the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

Golf Girl East & West

On and off the links with local prodigy Sue Kim.

Journey to the Top of the World

Taking on Mount Everest one step at a time.

Puncture Me Pretty

Smoothing out wrinkles with pinpoint precision.

Science or Slaughter

A careful look at the Japanese whaling problem.

Big In Japan

Exposing Japan to new musical experiences from a world away.

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Lights, Camera, Festival!

Showcasing talent in the Asian-Canadian film industry.

Restaurant Reviews – 2009

Restaurant reviews: Jang Mo Jib, Market, Sawasdee, Japadog.

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The Kindness of Strangers

A local family opens their doors to international students.

Tremendous Twigs

A guide to the art and etiquette of chopsticks.

Death by Cinema

An in-depth dissection of Japanese horror.

Importing Flavour

Getting Pacific Rim ingredients from ship to shore.

A Beautiful Mind

The beautiful colours of Shu Uemura’s palette.

2010 Now and Then

Vancouver’s real estate market braces itself for the Olympic Games.

Faster, Thailand! Create! Create!

Adding Thai flavour to the creative economy.

Satellite Kids

Learning in a land far from the apron strings.

Project Seahorse

The little creature spurring on big change.

The House of Visual Poetry

Expressing Chinese culture through dance.

Walk This Way

Carfree Vancouver works to reclaim the city’s concrete.

Sayama Forest

Keeping it lush and magical for generations to come.

Graffiti Streets

Managing the creative vision of local graffiti artists.

Chinatown Chic

New treasures in an old part of town.

The New Grocerʼs Aisle

Preparing authentic Asian fare in your own kitchen.

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