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The Hanjin Ottawa in Russia

Crossing Oceans

Cargo ships haul more than metal containers. Recently, they have been carrying an increasing number of tourists.

plastic bag in ocean

Plastic Oceans

The continued growth of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is motivating advocates to find innovative ways to clean it up.

A sailboat racing towards the sunset

Chasing the Sunset

The Vic-Maui Yacht Race takes sailors on an epic journey across the Pacific Ocean.

An illustration of a sailboat on the water

Life on the Waterline

Adventurous live-aboard boaters spend their lives traversing the world’s waterways.

Rebirth of the Silver Ann

Britannia Shipyards saves a piece of our seafaring history.

On the Waterfront

Vancouver’s port for the 21st century.

The Fate of the Immigrant Ships

Building a reef and a community.

Sailing the Sonrisa

Cindy Finley’s account of her three-year journey around the Pacific Rim.

Mariners’ Mission

Pacific Rim goes down on the docks with Port Chaplain, Teus Kappers.

Batwings & Bamboo

Not everyone likes the cut of these jibs, but the B.C. mariners who build them are clearly hooked on junk.

Shipwrecks of the West Coast Trail

Before it became popular with hikers, the Ship’s Graveyard was notorious for its maritime disasters.

First Class Warrior Empress

Memories of the luxury liner that once linked Vancouver to Asia.

coastal shipping yard

Cranes, Trains and Container Ships

Canadian Cargo comes home.