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What’s in a Name

British Columbia takes steps towards reconciliation with Canada’s First Nations peoples by restoring Indigenous place names.

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Death in Bloom

Environmentally friendly burial options are offering people the chance to carry their environmental ethics beyond the grave.

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Healing Behind Bars

Inmates are given the opportunity to heal with yoga and art-based therapy programs being offered in prisons.

abstract art

Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun’s Unceded Territories

What to expect from the current exhibit, Unceded Territories, by artist Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun at Vancouver’s Museum of Anthropology.

Spirituality at Work

Three Vancouverites weave Eastern philosophies into their professional lives.

Style vs. Substance

Western yoga: path to nirvana or highway to tight abs?

Mass Exodus

The battle for B.C.’s Chinese Christian community.

Journey to the Top of the World

Taking on Mount Everest one step at a time.

The Art of Taiga Chiba

Taiga Chiba finds beauty in the unexpected.

Elements of Tranquility

The art of Japanese Zen gardens.

Tai Chi: Finding Balance in Busy Lives

Practicing the healing art of movement in Vancouver.

Spacious Simplicity: The Art of Don Li-Leger

A Vancouver artist brings his canvas to life with Asian and Buddhist imagery.

Inner Disarmament: Meditation as a Path to Peace

A Buddhist sage offers advice to a troubled world.

Harnessing Sexual Chi

Ancient Taoist practices for balancing the mind and body.

Harmonious Homes

In Vancouver’s volatile real estate market, feng shui influences your home’s resale value.

The Laying on of Hands

The ancient healing practice of Reiki.

Feng Shui: Blueprint for Balance

User-friendly. Asbestos-free. And professionally Feng-Shui-ed. Richmond gets a new city hall.


Vivid spots of newsy ink from around the Rim: Falun Gon exercises, Immersion students, and the Malaysian Multimedia Super Corridor.

Mariners’ Mission

Pacific Rim goes down on the docks with Port Chaplain, Teus Kappers.

Reflections in a Garden

The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese garden offers sanctuary in the heart of Vancouver.

The Art of Pooh

Lessons in management from unlikely sources.

Understanding Tai Chi

Attaining well-being through graceful movement.

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