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Untold Histories

Including Indigenous content and history in BC’s curriculum is a small but necessary step toward healing.

Abundance by Aaron Nelson-Moody

Tech Meets Tradition

Aaron Nelson-Moody shares his experience using modern software to help create traditional Coast Salish art.

picture of Ocean

What’s in a Name

British Columbia takes steps towards reconciliation with Canada’s First Nations peoples by restoring Indigenous place names.

abstract art

Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun’s Unceded Territories

What to expect from the current exhibit, Unceded Territories, by artist Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun at Vancouver’s Museum of Anthropology.

Mind Your Manners

It can be challenging to keep track of what’s polite in different cultures. Our guide to table manners at a traditional Chinese dinner covers correct etiquette for using chopsticks, pouring tea, and serving others.

Yayoi Hirano

Carving New Traditions

Vancouver audiences welcome experimental plays by local Japanese theatre companies.

Filipino Nannies: The Cost of Caring

Like many foreign nannies, Marilou Tuzon looks after other families in order to take care of her own.

I Am Canadiasian

Young Chinese-Canadians feel torn between two worlds.

Marrying Traditions

Something old, something new for Vietnamese brides.

The Legend of Mount Bromo

Discover Indonesia’s most famous volcano, where a yearly festival keeps an ancient legend alive

Language Warrior

A young activist’s quest to save his native language.


A brief history of Japanese samurai warriors.

Tet: Past and Presents

A look into the Vietnamese new year celebration, Tet Nguyen.

The Many Faces of Mochi

More than just a sweet treat.

Tremendous Twigs

A guide to the art and etiquette of chopsticks.

The Chapel at Stanley Park

Why Vancouver is the new matrimonial hotspot for couples from across the Pacific.

Mixed Matrimony

A couple celebrates both a traditional western wedding and a Vietnamese ceremony.


History behind the mandarin orange.


Shamantic tales of Eastern Russia.

Bent on Bento

Not just a combo meal but an art form.

Warming up to Cold Sake

Everything you know about this trendy new drink is probably wrong.

Sculpting in Slow Motion

The Bonsai Way: midget trees aren’t born, they’re made.

Japanese bathhouse

Sento Seeps Away

The traditional Japanese public bath is being replaced by western-influenced pastimes and modern residential amenities.

Boxed Lunch

Muay Thai is an Olympic sport, a business lunch and combat training all in one; plus, you can use your elbows.